Publication Eastern European University – Summary and Recommendations

In March 2016 the publication Eastern European University – Summary and Recommendations was issued in Polish. The English version of the report will be available soon, please follow our website.

The report was prepared by PhD Joanna Bielecka-Prus and PhD Marzena Kruk (Department of General Sociology and Migration Studies, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, UMCS) and PhD Jakub Olchowski (Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, UMCS). It was translated by Ms Magdalena Szczurek. Materials prepared by, among others, members of LUT staff were used to create the report.

An excerpt from the introduction to the publication:

This publication provides a summary of the Eastern European University project  implemented under  the  Erasmus+  programme  (action  type: Strategic partnerships  for  higher  education).The  central  idea  of  the  project  was  to provide  guidelines for  Lublin`s  universities  to  help  them better  respond  to  the growing presence of foreign students in Lublin, especially from Poland`s eastern neighbours, the  Eastern  Partnership  countries.  This  development  also  calls  for the attention of Lublin`s authorities. Accordingly, project activities placed emphasis on cooperation between universities and the city authorities.


The full text of the report is available here.


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