ERASMUS RUN - 30 September 2017

ERASMUS RUN is more than just a race - it is a celebration! READ MORE...

ERASMUS RUN is an occasion related to celebrating the 30th anniversary of Erasmus. The official start of the race is on 30th of September, at noon.

The race will be held under the auspices of Polish Olympic Committee and Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Each of the relay competitors will run 5 km on two equal loops, which means that each team will cover the distance of 30 km.

Can you feel the spirit of competition and cooperation at the same time? During the Erasmus Run - YES! The relay race is all about unforgettable emotions and mutual applaud.

The Erasmus race is a charity run, and all donations will go to the Jasiek Mela`s Beyond Horizon Foundation, specifically: the WalkCamp Project for people after leg amputation.


Learn more about the race HERE.

Register your team HERE.


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