Practical Information


In order to apply for accommodation student have to fill in appropriate section in the Aplication Form for practical placement. Students who will not be accepted because of overbooking, will be informed about it in due time.

Student dormitories are situated in the Campus area.

In the academic year 2015/2016 Erasmus students may be accommodated in the Student`s Residence Halls (1-4) in the University Campus area. After your arrival to any of the Halls of Residence, the person in charge will direct you to the proper Hall of Residence.

The monthly fee is PLN410 per person for a tripple room.

The room is equipped with beds, desks, wardrobes, kitchen annex, desk lamps, bedding, bed lining. One kitchen and shared bathroom per floor are at students` disposal. Each room is equipped with the Internet connection.

All students who are willing to use the option of accommodation, will be asked to accept Regulations of the Hall of Residence. You may download the document.

There is also a possibility of renting a room or a flat in different parts of the city. The prices differ depending on the standard, location and distance from the university. The University does not assist students in the search for out-of campus accommodation.



Air Travel
If you come by plane, you will arrive at the International Airport "Okecie", Warsaw (10 km/6.25 miles from the city centre). You need to get a bus to get to the city centre (No 175) and take off at the Central Railway Station to take a train to Lublin.

In addition, Lublin Ariport connects to several cities aroud Europe (

Central Railway Station
The Central Railway Station is situated in the very heart of Warsaw. All inter-city services arrive at the Central Railway Station. It is also there that you can change for Lublin - there are quite frequent connections. The trip takes approximately three hours.

As you reach Lublin Railway Station, take a trolleybus (e.g. No. 150) and get to Lipowa Street. Cross the street and take any bus from there, which goes to Nadbystrzycka Street - Politechnika (e.g. No. 8,32,40,44). Buy a ticket in a stationery shop at the station or a driver`s. The cost of student`s ticket is PLN 1,40. After you change a bus you need to validate a new ticket.

The bus stop is located in front of the campus. You can enter any Hall of Residence to get the information where you are staying.

After your arrival in Lublin, you are advised to contact International Exchange Office. Here you will obtain all the necessary information concerning your stay in Lublin.

You can find more detailed information in How to get to Lublin guide.


Residence permit regulations

If you are an EU citizen you can enter Poland with your ID document (a valid travel document e.g. passport, or another document certifying your identity and citizenship).

NOTICE: If you are planning journeys within European Union, or to other countries, mind the date of expiry of your passport/ ID Card validity.


Health and insurance

You are required to have a health insurance policy (European Health Insurance Card - EHIC) and accident insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Poland.

A holder of European Health Insurance Card will receive free health services at health care providers who have concluded a relevant contract with NFZ (National Health Found). You can receive health services in the following areas: primary health care, specialist out-patient care, hospital treatment, dental treatment, rescue services and ambulance transport.

In case of students of Turkish origin, it is required to pay for medical service (NHS rates).

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